Highlights Colombia

Traveling around Colombia is a must for every lover of nature, beautiful cities, colonial villages, idyllic locations and very friendly inhabitants with their special stories.

Green wilderness and turquoise waters on the Caribbean coast

Where the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada merge into a green wilderness that in turn plunges into the turquoise waters of the Caribbean sea. A region with vibrant cities, unique nature and wonderful accommodations.

Historic haciendas, the tallest palms in the world and the best coffee

The coffee triangle is known for the beautiful landscape, the friendly and hospitable Colombians and of course the endless coffee plantations where the delicious Arabica coffee is produced.

Medellín: surprising and vibrant

A city ran by the drugs lord Pablo Escobar in 1980 has now turned into a hip city full of development and many initiatives that make the city worth a visit.

Colonial pearl of the Caribbean coast

Cartagena was an important stop for the silver fleet in the sixteenth century. The colonial heart of the city, with its impressive city wall, has been perfectly preserved over the years. Stroll through the beautiful town and dine at a good restaurant on one of the many beautiful squares.

A versatile metropolis in the clouds

In Bogota you will find a melting pot of people from all over the country, it is diverse and multicultural, with a mix of modern and colonial architecture. Bogota is a surprisingly green city, with the Andes in the east and with beautiful views of the sanctuaries of Monserrate and Guadalupe.

Where time seems to have stood still

Colombia has not only large bustling cities, the country is also rich in picturesque historic towns. With its cobblestone streets, whitewashed houses and orange-tiled roofs, time seems to have stood still here.

Off the beaten track by Sapa Pana Travel

Off the beaten track by Sapa Pana Travel

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