Highlights Argentina

Traveling around Argentina is ideal for adventurers, a must for nature lovers, but above all a beautiful country for bon vivants.

Buenos Aires: The Paris of the southern hemisphere

Watch the world's best tango shows, visit the colorful La Boca district and get to know the proud Porteños. Buenos Aires is a unique start to your Argentina tour.

Extreme landscapes and indigenous cultures

Native pre-Columbian Andean cultures and surreal landscapes in the most authentic region of the country.

Patagonia: The end of the world

Patagonia, the rugged and icy Tierra del Fuego, where the tough gaucho on horseback tends his herd. Glaciers, lakes and high mountain peaks take you to the end of the world.

Iguazu: Natural wonder on the border between Argentina and Brazil

With more than 275 waterfalls, the Iguazu waterfalls are without any doubt one of the most impressive natural monuments in the southern hemisphere.

Cristal clear rivers and deep blue lakes

Snow capped mountains, deep blue lakes, crystal clear rivers and wide, dense forests are some of the ingredients that makes the Argentinean lake region a great destination!

Wonderful wines and snowy mountain peaks

Enjoy your glass of Malbec on the terrace of a stylish winery while looking out over the snowy peaks of the Andes.

Driving in Argentina

Looking for a car trip? Argentina is a great destination do so! Drive spectacular car routes on Ruta 40, which runs for 5000 kilometers along the Andes from north to south.

The rich Argentinean gaucho life

Discover the tough Argentinean gaucho life. Sleep on an estancia and enjoy the vast landscapes, the Argentinian meat and good wines.

Spotting whales and killer whales

Just a few meters from the shore you can see the immense tail of the beast slapping into the water. Spotting killer whales, whales and seals in the wild. A unique and unforgettable experience.

Off the beaten track

Off the beaten track

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