Highlights Mexico

Mexico has it all, a rich history, special archaeological sites, modern cities, characteristic colonial towns and so we can continue for a while.

Mexico City

Mexico City is the perfect start for a trip through Mexico. It is a pleasant green city with beautiful parks and attractive neighborhoods. In Mexico City you can learn a lot about the turbulent and versatile history of this enormous country. This way, you will have a good basic knowledge to travel further through this beautiful country.

Archaeological sites

From a cultural point of view, Mexico is the absolute summit. The country has as much history as Europe and with a wide variety of population groups, it will not surprise that Mexico is full of cultural sights and highlights, spread all over the country.

Colonial Mexico

Especially in the north of Mexico City the Mexican revolution took place in 1911. Here you will find beautiful colonial cities that still evoke the feelings of liberation and independence. In this region the national pride of Mexico is still very important. You will certainly taste this special atmosphere during your journey through colonial Mexico.

Yucatan Peninsula

On the Yucatan coastline you will find one of the most beautiful and largest barrier reefs in the world. A true paradise for people who love snorkeling and diving. In addition, Maya culture is still very much alive here and you will find some of the most impressive archaeological Maya sites that belong to the UNESCO world heritage. In short, a tour through Yucatan is an absolute must.

Animal life

After Brazil and Colombia, Mexico has the richest animal life in the world. More than 450 mammal species can be found in nature. You will find most of the reptile species in the world here and the eagle is the symbol of Mexico, one of the many bird species that live here. 

Mexican coast

The infinitely long coastlines that surround Mexico exert a great attraction on travelers from all over the world. And not without reason, because not only the coastal towns, but certainly also the many idyllic places in between these places provide beautiful pictures. In Mexico you can stay in beautiful places, surrounded by untouched nature and endless deserted sandy beaches.

Off the beaten track

Off the beaten track

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