Freek Vermeulen

Ever since my mom picked me and my tricycle off the road, somewhere a kilometre from our house, it was clear: I was born to become a traveller. In 1996 I graduated in tourism management and started to discover the world. From the start, Latin America was my number one dream-destination. My first acquaintance with the continent was in Costa Rica, where I did an internship at a local travel agency in Alajuela. Later on, I thoroughly got to know South America working as a tour leader. In this period I was living in Lima, where I met and fell in love with my wife.

My love for Latin America is mostly based on indescribably beautiful landscapes in the Andes mountains and the abundance, the mysteries and the perfection of nature in the Amazon rainforest. I keep on being amazed by the diversity of animals and birds, and just adore the warmth and openness of the Latinos. My favourite way of travelling is on foot. This way I feel closest to nature and I enjoy the vastness and overwhelmingness of the landscapes the most.

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